Look Younger, Feel Better and Think Clearer Without Drugs, Cosmetic Surgery or Exercise! NCR is the Key

What Is NCR?

iconDrawing on his extensive training as a naturopathic physician, Dr. Dean Howell combined deep muscle massage, craniopathy, Reiki, and Bilateral Nasal Specific Therapy, creating an exciting new treatment designed to correct the physiological imbalances caused by trauma, compression and misalignment. Click Here to find out more.

Why NCR?

iconOnce the skull is in alignment, the body responds in kind, adjusting itself to the optimized position of your skull, with improved weight distribution, proper spinal alignment, and proper limb function. It is this optimized structural state Dr. Dean Howell helps you achieve and maintain. Click here to learn more.

Benefits From NCR

iconYou can improve your appearance and health—without surgeries, without drugs, and without spending additional years and dollars seeking a solution. NeuroCranial Restructuring brings together an innovative treatment technique and time-tested medical technology. Click here to find out more.

Get NCR Treatment

iconsBased in Los Angeles, California, Dr. Howell also travels to Washington State, Colorado, New York and London, United Kingdom to treat patients and train other doctors in the techniques of NeuroCranial restructuring. Click here for Dr. Howell's schedule

Headaches And Migraines Are The Easiest Conditions To Treat With NCR

NCR was created with YOU in mind.

NCR and Physical Beauty

iconFacial symmetry can also be associated with physical beauty. Scientific studies prove even babies prefer symmetrical, smiling faces. With NCR, you can improve the symmetry of your face and body.

Balloon Sinuplasty or NCR?

iconsLearn which treatment is right for you - and find out what your medical doctor may not be telling you.

NCR Can Treat You!

iconHeadaches and Migraines; TMJ and Jaw pain; Sciatica, Scoliosis and Back Pain; Sinusitis, Sleep Apnea, Snoring, Breathing and Sinus Disorders; Concussion and other Head Injuries; Whiplash syndrome; Cerebral Palsy and other chronic conditions.

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