Dr Howell began studying medicine in 1978 when he began his studies of naturopathic medicine at Bastyr University. Over the years, he has studied with many famous teachers:

Dr. John Bastyr, Manipulation , Homeopathy
Dr. William Breznen Homeopathy
Dr. James D;Adamp Blood Type Diets, Detoxification, and Iridology
Dr. Harold Dick Constitutional Hydrotherapy, Radionic Dietary Analysis
Dr, Ralph Failor Soft Tissue Manipulation
Dr. T. Galen Hieronymus Radionics
Dr. Bernard Jensen Iridology and Colon Cleansing
Dr. William Nelson Bioresonance and Digital Radionics
Dr. Robert Schallenberger Ozone Therapy Techniques
Dr. J. R. Stober Cranial Manipulation, Bilateral Nasal Specific Technique
Dr. Lowell Gene Ward Spinal Stressology

Rebecca studied with great teachers, too:

American Soc. of Dowsers Energy Techniques and Treatments

Sanford “Buddy” Frumker DDS

Raymond Grace "Using energy for your life"
Dr. Dean Howell NCR NeuroCranial Restructuring

Ki-iki-jutsu ® (King Method) meaning “Breath of Life Art” as life comes from G-D

Joey Korn Dowsing, Energy Fields
Hanna Kroeger Nutrition and Energy Work
Harold McCoy Power of Thought institute
Power of Thought institute Body Electronics
William Northern Horse Whispering, Energy Worker
Dr.Peter Radatti Radionics and Quantum Energetics
Dr. Sir John Whitman Ray Body Electronics
David Alan Slater Quantum Energy
Dr. John Upledger CranioSacral Therapy
Harvey and Judy Vedder Iridology

That’s quite a list of trainers, teachers, and mentors! Most of these men and women are dead. Look up these people and you will find a wealth of medical and healing talent. These teachers link Dr. Howell and Rebecca with healing traditions that go back to the 1800s–knowledge that is not written down intelligibly any more.

None of these teachers and topics are truly the standard, mainstream, established fields of study. They represent the cutting edge of their working fields in medicine and healing from the past two generations. All of these trainings stimulated Dr. Howell and Rebecca to improve medical techniques to become more. They hoped that someone–anybody–would stand on their (metaphorical) shoulders and take their work to better results. Here were two people who listened! Then they began working together and discovered that they were both searching for the same thing: healing of their patients, and not just symptom relief.

Over the years, they have been testing many methods of treatment and healing–not just the ones listed here, but many others, even those that are long forgotten now.

They were searching for those elusive results that would heal people. Even though healing is what they aspired to, the people that they treated had simpler goals. “How will you get me better?” is the usual question. If you think about it, that’s what everybody–maybe even you–asks: “How do you treat cancer–headaches–whiplash–sciatica–(or your condition)???”And it is the wrong question.

What you should really want is more than just to make your current most annoying problem go away. Do you understand why? If you take a short, quick fix, then it is rarely the correction to the underlying problem that continues to create new symptoms. So the quick fix is only a short-sighted solution that will lead to a recurrence–sooner or later.

The definition of a naturopathic treatment is a treatment designed to treat the presumed cause of the current symptom complex being treated. (All medical treatment is either allopathic designed to give relief to the symptoms, or naturopathic to treat the cause.)

The young Dr. Howell and Rebecca both grew up with many health problems. They received allopathic treatments (symptomatic medical treatments) that didn't work for their chronic conditions.This means that they learned this message early in life. You don’t treat the disease, you treat the causes. Now you understand why Dr. Howell went to a naturopathic medical school. He didn’t want to learn from the “Cut, Burn, and Poison” kind of medical training. He wanted to treat the causes of the disease conditions. He wanted to be a naturopathic physician.

For Rebecca, her severe childhood health problems forced her to learn about treating causes–she overcame cancer and severe rheumatoid arthritis by age thirteen.

Once they were receiving training, though, things continued to stay bad. How do you learn to heal from teachers who don’t know how to heal? Even their rare doctors/teachers who espoused treating cause over symptomatic relief did not have any sort of understanding of healing. Healing was often aspired to, but was rarely attained. Dr. Howell and Rebecca were both disappointed that even the naturopathic treatments were rarely as effective as they wished.

In their earlier days, when they were less experienced, the healing situations were much less frequent than allopathic relief. As they gained experience, though, they noticed patterns of methods that often worked:

  • 1) diet, especially non-carbohydrate diets
  • 2) manipulation methods, especially methods promoting stability and symmetry
  • 3) living and lifestyle, especially spiritual ascension pathways and ultra high-fiber diets
  • 4) uses of technology—Grander technology, radionics, sacred geometry

and as all of these things were done simultaneously, then the improvements were increasingly obvious and the numbers of healings began to increase dramatically.

Rebecca and Dr. Howell began working together in 2015. As they pooled their skills and continued working on their lifestyles, they saw patterns that connected and became their personal health successes. They utilized them to work with their patients–and their healing successes climbed.

Healing was not a likely outcome when they used only hands-on, surgery, or oral medicine protocols. They didn’t heal because the conditions are too complex for that. Does anybody really think that receiving only emergency heart surgery cures a chronic heart condition?

Of course not! All of the patterns of your lifestyle combine to have a massive influence on your body and mind! Even though you may be able to accomplish any goal of yours through the power of your mind–it doesn’t mean that this would be the easiest way to accomplish it.

What we advocate, then, is to do as many of the healthy and healing practices as you can, all at the same time and all of the time. Dr. Howell and Rebecca are your leaders on this journey. They have learned many healing methods, and they will customize the perfect selection of methodologies by using their intuitive gifts to help lead you.

This combination of all of their training and healing skills is Transformation through Transmogrification. That means that they help you to transform through many subtle and magical ways. (When you compare their methods to mainstream medicine and laboratory science, then this will seem like magic!

When Dr. Howell and Rebecca meet you, the therapeutic blend of lifestyle, energy medicines, and hand-on healing that they each need to use on you is sensed by them. For Dr. Howell and Rebecca, this evaluation process is so automatic that it can’t be stopped: This is because they have the ability of being empathic healers. This means that they each feel (sense) the physical/mental/emotional state of the living beings nearby as if it were happening inside of their bodies. These physical feelings become medical findings when these many subtle impressions are combined into conclusions by healers like Dr. Howell and Rebecca, with their many years of experience.

For Rebecca, when these talents are combined with her open third eye and her ever-present angel guides, then she delivers her amazing advice regarding medical-style diagnoses and nutritional protocols.

For Dr. Howell, his sensorium creates a sort of 3-D map (in his brain) of your body with your pains highlighted. He uses this information to know how to perform his unique body-working methods.These newer bodywork methods are called “Howelling.” This methodology includes specialized deep tissue manipulation where the scars and adhesions in the ligaments, tendons, and periosteum are melted and restored by hand. When combined with his earlier work, NeuroCranial Restructuring, Dr. Howell and Rebecca can sometimes have healing of musculoskeletal conditions with treatment alone.

Most often, though, it is the combination of all possible improvements which creates healing situations. Transformation through Transmogrification is Dr. Howell’s fancy title for this–changing your lifestyle and changing your body comprehensively requires many things happening. Transformation through Transmogrification or TtT at Church of Divine Structure means that you let us help you heal by healing you with our hands (bodywork including NCR and TtT), help you to change your diet, help you to kill yeast, fungi, bacteria, and parasites, help you to detoxify your body with physical methods, radionics, homeopathy, botanicals as well as to help with detoxification of your home and work environments

We want to transform you into a healthy human being, and we have found that

  • 1) we need to eat a diet that avoids the secretion of insulin,
  • 2) we need to control our yeast, fungus, and parasite populations,
  • 3) we need to remove heavy metals,
  • 4) we need to drink safe water,
  • 5) we need to breathe pure air,
  • 6) we need to live in areas where the electromagnetic fields will not harm, and
  • 7) we need to have our bodies be symmetrical and be without obstructions like scars and adhesions in the soft tissues.

Our concept here is that there are many factors to consider, so that, eventually, when we heal, it requires an accumulation of so many of these very subtle methods and techniques–that it seems like magic to achieve such healing results.

We want to heal you by changing most of your life!

Because our method of working has always allowed you to select specific treatments for us to provide, that will not change. You can sign up for appointments to have NeuroCranial Restructuring or a psychic, intuitive reading of your biochemistry and health state with Rebecca, as you have been able to do for years. Now we also offer TtT programs where we tell you all of the treatments and methods that should be offered in order to heal you.

It is your choice.

Come to see us in person, or on the phone or by video call, and have a 15-minute consultation with us and let us outline what we know that you need to do. Then schedule the rest.This is a $150 service.

If you work with us for our nutritional/lifestyle supervision, it is only a one-time, $300 fee for life–as long as you purchase your supplements from our fulfillment service. LINK to SPIRITUAL HEALING

If you choose to have bodywork treatments with us including NeuroCranial Restructuring as well as the newest technique, Howelling, then you are charged at the rate of $600 an hour. LINK to NCR