There are two kinds of appointments with Dr. Howell and Rebecca: Voice/Camera and Hands-On. All of these are scheduled the same way on the same schedule.

Voice Appointments are limited to

Nutritional Consults for 30 minutes for $300, and 20-minute consultations for $150.

After getting a Nutritional Consult, short texts, or emails, or short phone calls are no charge. Extended voice sessions will trigger consultation charges.

Hands-On appointments are available in blocks of time. Any or all healing methods are included–it is a charge for healing time.

We usually reserve very short, 10-minute treatments for infants, newborns, and toddlers. 20-minute sessions are great for adolescents.

With larger children and adults, we recommend a minimum treatment time of 30 minutes.

Longer appointment times are available, up to 4 hours. These longer sessions are a great way to schedule Howelling sessions or Body Electronics or other point-holding therapies that Rebecca specializes in.

First time to schedule? Send an email to or call (888) 252-0411 to set up your first appointments.

Here are some more overview descriptions to make it easier to decide how much time to book with each appointment.

NCR is best performed for adults in sequences of four-day treatment series. We can schedule shorter treatment series, even for one day, but the results cannot accumulate when performed as single treatments. And the results are not as reliable. NCR Treatments last 30-minutes for adolescents and adults, 20 minutes for children, and 10 -minutes for babies and toddlers.

NCR is a primary treatment modality for sinusitis, some kinds of headaches, breathing disorders, and eye disorders. Of course, Dr. Howell and Rebecca will treat more than that in a 30-minute session: Dr. Howell did not offer sessions over 30 minutes during his first 30 years of practice! People will report great improvements in head, neck, jaw, and back pain from NCR. Even some milder cases of sciatica and nerve impingements will often be improved with NCR.

But he discovered (and Rebecca already knew) that sometimes people don’t get long-term relief from NCR because their body problems are more extensive, especially when there is scar tissue and soft-tissue adhesions that have become significant contributors to the musculoskeletal problems and pain.

Then Dr. Howell and Rebecca recommend longer treatments where they focus on melting and releasing scar tissue and adhesions in addition to the NCR methods they have always utilized.

They call this method “Howelling.” For this, we extend the treatment sessions from 60 to 240 minutes. We have great testimonials that you can talk with others who have undergone this. Their stories of surgical rebuilding and auto accidents are harrowing. It is so wonderful that they can share their success stories with you!

Dr. Howell and Rebecca see people in many locations! We are currently seeing patients in


  1. Addison, Texas (DALLAS)
  2. Bellevue, Washington (SEATTLE)
  3. Brooklyn, New York (NEW YORK CITY)
  4. Conshohocken, Pennsylvania (PHILADELPHIA)
  5. Costa Mesa, California (ORANGE COUNTY)
  6. Lake Como, New Jersey (JERSEY SHORE)
  7. Tonasket, Washington (HOME)
  8. West Los Angeles (WEST LA)


Select the tab for our work schedule. There is only one schedule for all eight locations, and the location is noted at the top of each day. The times for appointments will be listed in the local time zone. You can see the times that are booked and the times that are available. To make the appointment yourself, you must login. If you are not a Church member, then you will not have a login (and password). This means that you cannot make appointments yourself. You can join the Church for $50 annually. Click Here to join. Or you can email the front office HERE to request an appointment. You will be expected to pay for your appointment when you schedule the appointment. If you are a Church Member, then you will guarantee the appointment with your membership credit card so that no payment will be taken until the time of your appointment.

Your appointments are guaranteed by you. If you are a member, then your account would be charged for your non-appearance. If you are not a member, then you will lose your appointment.

Cancellation Policy:

No refunds within two weeks of your appointment. If you notify us two weeks prior to your appointment, then you can cancel with full credit for any money paid to us for future appointment(s). Closer to the appointment date, up to 48 hours ahead, will allow you to transfer your appointment to a new time.

However, if you have a legitimate excuse for missing the appointment, we can forgive the charge, at our discretion. We accept as legitimate excuses: accidents, hospitalizations, deaths in the immediate family, and diverse other situations.

Dr. Howell requires an initial consultation of 20 minutes to orient you to our healing methods and to understand a little bit of your history. Then your appointments need to be at least 30 minutes each day, if you are an adult or teenager. This makes your initial day cost $452 at minimum. (You will also be spending $2 a day for temporary membership in the Church of Divine Structure.) Our scheduling method is designed to encourage 4-day treatment series because the best results for NeuroCranial Restructuring treatments are seen when the treatments are clustered together.

You need to contact our front office at 888-252-0411 or for your first appointments.

There are no exceptions. .After this, if you would rather schedule yourself, then you can join the Church of Divine Structure and, as a member, you will be able to schedule your appointments.


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