Neuro Cranial restructuring training

NeuroCranial Restructuring® Marketing Ready-Made For You

Of course, some marketing will be required, but you already have prospects in your current practice. Many of your NCR® patients will be patients you already see

  1. Patients who have never gotten better with your care.
  2. Patients who have stopped improving and still see you for palliation.
  3. Patients who have stopped seeing you.
  4. Patients who want to think better (through improved fluid dynamics inside the skull).
  5. Patients who want to move better (through NCR®'s postural improvement).
  6. Patients who want to look better (through NCR®'s wrinkle-removing).
  7. Patients who are interested in optimizing their structure or health in general.

Actually, aren't there only a few of your clients who don't want NCR®? Can you change their minds too?

As a certified NCR Doctor, you will be given a membership in the NCR Research Institute. This will include a listing on This listing, and your on-line marketing website, when combined with your successful patients' word-of-mouth will bring in new business for you as well.

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